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Regentrification occurs when the of cost of living in an urban environment exceeds the equilibrium point of affordability for lower socioeconomic households. The increase in quantity demanded and price for space near the city center forces lower income earners outward to sub-urban environments.


Investing to capitalize on new economic trends unfolding with the future political era of the domestic and global economies. Infrastructure projects are set to increase in the coming years, and we need to be positioned as a seller of future site developments. Buying raw land and improperly zoned assets will maximize value as the demand for new and repurposed infrastructure projects increase over the next four years. The demand for infrastructure has not yet been commissioned or planned. Owning buildable, encumbered free assets over the next 7 years is the best hedge to market and economic exposure while yielding better than expected returns.  


The ability to develop the highest demanded asset in any urban, suburban, and rural location increases asset valuation from initial acquisition. The future of development may require a distribution center for Amazon with helipads for their drones to take flight. Depends on how efficient deliveries will be in the next four years. We can only speculate the demand of future development, although we can plan and prepare for it now with nominal capital outlay.

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